11 March 2010 - 1:36Hacked!

It was not the work with The Bank of Montreal and Elvis Stoyko,  It wasn’t even the Dussault campaign with Gene Simmons. . . I think i can finally say that i’ve made it to the big time now that i have officially been targeted by an extremist muslim group!  If you happened to log in to my blog last week you may have seen the following page:

It’s great to get validation from the far dark corners of the world.  I just never thought I was big enough to be a threat to those poor sequestered souls so far away.    You can see the magnificent work of this group of and their dancing goats and wonderful music on youtube. . . say hi from me!

It’s going to be pretty funny when upon getting to heaven,  the 72 virgins these guys are expecting turn out to be male computer nerds. . . think about it!

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