8 August 2008 - 20:19Porsche ad filmed at BWP

Porsche has recently taken over Vancouver on on the same level as a small movie production. Helicopters have been filming Cars racing over Granville street bridge, Neighborhoods are closed off for street scenes, and the studio was packed with grips, directors and assistants for an all night shoot. Apparently this will be an 18 minute commercial, but i’m not sure where it will air. Production started at 7pm and went to 10 am the next day . . . talk bout a long night! You can see it all in this high speed video:

Heres a quick walkthrough starting at the end of the street. At around 1am I ate dinner with the crew on the street in front of a neighbors building. . . that felt a little surreal eating candle lit steak in a makeshift outdoor diner on 5th ave. For such a big production, thankfully they were well organized and had some really great people. You get a sense of how hard they were ‘working’ in this video:

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