30 April 2009 - 1:11High Speed Hottie

Alyssa is going to be this years hottest Rookie up and coming cart racer!  She Just flew up from Edmonton for a race in Coquiltham and stopped in to shoot with her new high speed racer.  Apparently it can hit up to 160 kph. . . not bad for a go cart!  I also found out that she made the podium. . . Congrats!

I thought I would go for a modern take on ‘pinup’.  I used a hard overhead light set slightly to the left with a gridded softbox (30 degrees) at camera position on the floor (1 fstop under).  The rest of the effect was done in photoshop using the effects i detailed in the ‘kelsey & Lola’ photoshoot.

Yes you’re a ham!

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