23 October 2008 - 13:34Molly the Pony

Ok,  so here is my first unrelated BWP blog, but it is a great story worth sharing:

“Molly is a survivor. This little pony is a Katrina survivor who was rescued from the floods by a kind caring pony lover in New Orleans. Kaye Harris runs a pony rescue in New Orleans and when Katrina hit, she took in as many refugees as she could including some dogs. As her rescued animals were trying to adjust to their new and confusing surroundings the stress was too much for at least one and the result was horrifying. An abandoned pit bull took it’s rage out on poor little Molly, barely any bigger than the dog herself.”

“The dog destroyed Molly’s right front leg so bad that all the tendons and arteries to the hoof were severed. The rest of her lower leg, the canon bone, was also destroyed. Molly did her best to heal. She never even got infected, but the injuries were too extensive to heal completely. A few weeks after the attack, Molly’s hoof died and fell off of her leg. By this time, there were already plans to have it amputated anyway.”

“Two Doctors from LSU were determined to save Molly’s life.  In addition to the amputation of a major portion of Molly’s canon bone, the surgeons also skin grafted over her remaining canon bone where previously the skin had not returned from the injury. It’s all very complicated, but Molly seems to be holding her own. Her cast includes a post that reaches to the ground so if she wants to she can put some weight on her short leg in order to balance or travel. She is using her temporary leg a little bit.”

Kaye is caring for Molly daily and watching over her recovery. Fortunately she was the right horse with the right owner.  Molly happened to be a one in a million patient.   Molly has a job now. . Kay the rescue farm owner started taking molly to shelters, hospitals, nursing homes, and rehabilitation centers.  The little pony that could has become inspiration to so many people.  She survived a hurrican, she survived a horrible injury, and now she’s giving hope to others!

If you want to know any more or contribute,  google ‘molly the 3 legged pony’.

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