16 October 2008 - 14:50‘Be Sexy, Be Seen!’

I has been years since have changed my business cards,  When you have something that works, it is hard to break from tradition.  With the launch of my new BWP site which is a clean slick minimalist gallery style,  i figured it was time to have a card reflecting the same look.

You can never really get it all in on one card, but i think i did pretty well.  There are a variety of ethnicities, a classic Harley and a token familiar brand name . . .

For the last  17 years my trade phrase has been ‘uniquely elegant to outrageously wild’ which i felt really defined what i do. . .  it was however a little wordy and quickly forgotten as everyone these days seems to have A.D.D!  With some professional marketing advice and a little resistance from me,  i changed my theme phrase.  In a moment of inspiration ‘Be sexy, Be seen’ rolled off my tongue which i think is catchy and etches ‘B’ in to your mind with the logo and my name. . . . Branding, Branding, Branding!

Because there are so many small images, I want a really sharp card.  I consistently print with Generation printing.  They print Stochastically at 10 micron which with the naked eye is indistinguishable from continuous tone.  For reference,  most other prints shops print 20 micron and up.  You can order online at

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