18 November 2012 - 19:52The Drone Threat – Rosebud

I got to work again with one of my favorite models, Pinky Tang.  I’m doing a series of editorials for Rosebud magazine which should make the next year pretty fun!

The images were all shot against a white background and  to match her to the city image,  I put a blue daylight conversion gel on my accent lights.   It made sense that the light accenting off her should be cool  like the background tones.   This was also my first opportunity to play with the new 7′ parabolic light reflector,  I love how it brought out the specularity in her skin while keeping the quality of the light soft.  I didn’t know exactly where the drones would be placed so it was a matter of doing many images staring off at a number of spots… I figured that looking towards them would better integrate her to the layout vs. looking directly at the viewer.

It was surprisingly hard to get a remote control in Vancouver.  We called the hobbyists, flight clubs and I even tried to rent one, but they seem to value these like their prized toys.  I ended up using a simpler black unit from my own small RC chopper, nothing like the  ‘bells and whistles’ version but it didn’t make sense dropping $800 for a new remote.   The headset was a simple hands free phone unit from Futureshop for $20.  I need more friends with military tech… any takers?

The concept was  ‘hot girl with drones’!  I had to figure out how that would look conceptually.  This was a story how a civillian ‘ sexy one’ is watching our every move using spy technology (specifically drones).  Since this was a bit outside my realm,  I had to use what was at hand (no budget) so my Gopro camera seemed appropriate and the rest were stock images.   Ideally I wanted night vision goggles on her but in actuality they are not very sexy when worn.

Curiously after the shoot,  my video surveillance tech came by the studio and  I showed him the images.  He responded with  ‘ I have that drone’  … duooooh!     I was looking all over for one and it was right under my nose.  The scary part is that this ediorial story is also much closer to reality and in our backyard that I would have ever thought.

The next editorial is a fun pillowfight… stay tuned!

All images are copyright 2012 BWP.CA.

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