10 October 2012 - 2:31Email issues with Mountain Lion

Sorry if this blog is a bit off topic and nerdy… I hope this would help someone else as I could not find any useful info online about this.   If you are using Mountain Lion and a custom email client set up as a POP account, then maybe I have some good news.  After the update to 10.8.2 my mail went to hell.   My email ‘kinda’ worked and when i went to connection doctor it looked like a stoplight of red and green dots.   I called my internet hosting company, my internet provider and Apple.

My emails worked fine on the ipad, iphone and my laptop (ver 10.6) so through a process of elimination,  I figured the problem stemmed from the newest ML Upgrage (Both my computers were down).

For some reason,  my computer was not trusting the certificate provided by my internet provider (shaw).   When I talked to their techs, they just said to hit the ‘connect’ button.

I don’t know why only ML did not accept the certificate, but the Apple mail specialist told me to ‘show certificate’ and then to click the box next to ‘always trust … ‘   For some reason all the certificates were expired and not updating.

Here’s an example of the certificate window where i changed the setting.  The ‘verify certificate’ window showed up when i was trying to connect to my mail,  otherwise I’m not sure how to access it.

The apple tech also informed me that POP accounts are only suppose to be accessed by one device at a time…  this was total news to me as I have always had multiple computers pulling emails from the same account for years.   I think the problem was more pronounced with the Iphone and Ipad doing constant reads and a basic incompatibility within ML to handle this.  What you need to do is turn off  ‘push’ notifications and turn on ‘manual email fetching’ on your mobile devices.   Here is an image from my iphone settings under ‘mail, contacts, calendars’:

The 3rd thing to change is your outgoing port from within Mail on your computer .  Under the account setting in mail,  you click on any account and navigate down to ‘outgoing mail server’ and click ‘edit SMTP Server List’

The default ports button should be active,  change it to Custom Port and enter ‘587’.  SSL should also be off,  I’m not sure why but both the provider and many web help pages indicate this.

There is apparently some port issues on 25 with some providers, the general consensus I’ve read online is this fix usually works.

One last note,   before this whole process, I deleted all my mail boxes and prefs hoping that would fix the problem…NOT!   If these previous ‘fixes’ I posted don’t help,  go to the beginning and do this.  A quick way to the mail folder is press ‘option’ while opening ‘GO’ at the top of your desktop.  Navigate to ‘library’ which has now popped up,  then ‘Mail / V2 / Mail data’ and delete the ‘accounts.plist’

Then go back into ‘V2’ and delete or drag your mail boxes (eg:  POP-Bryan@bwp)  somewhere (to save your messages).   You will have to re add all the accounts manually again within the Mail program,  do a screen capture or make a note of the settings before deleting your prefs!

I hope you are not experience half the hell I went through!

– Bryan






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