13 August 2012 - 22:13Ildyko – Aprils Rosebud

Another great layout in Rosebud Magazine thanks to Ildyko.  These images ranged from locations at Granville Island to Studio31.  You may recognize Ildy from Cult classic remake “Reefer Madness” to spoofing Bram Stoker’s bride of Dracula in the Movie “Stan Helsing”.   With an extensive movie list and acting experience I can always get the range and looks from her I’m after.

This top shot was done using ‘key shfting’.   A diffusion panel is placed overhead (blocking the direct sun from her),  a mirror reflects some raw light back as an accent from behind, and a reflector is on the ground between us bouncing light up from below… I try to always have the sun directly overhead/behind me.   This combination softens the light on your model while raising the overall luminance of the background… one of my favorite lighting styles outdoors!

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