8 September 2008 - 14:36Computer Hell

I just thought i would share a very frustrating moment from this weekend.  I recently rebuilt my whole computer system and was reloading software.  One particular program i had purchased did not provide serial numbers on their site (which i had lost).  Being a rather impatient fellow at times,  i decided to use a crack til they sent me my serial.  I pulled this number from my laptop and entered it into my main computer,  On hitting ‘enter’ my computer went into speed freak meltdown. . . windows were opening and closing, screensavers were changing, and i could not even control the mouse.  I was sure they wrote in a virus that was unleased by this crack.  Well a couple hours later,  rebooting, restarting, system disks, etc,  I picked up my laptop and all of a sudden it all stopped.   I guess when i placed my laptop on top of the wacom tablet it created some from of electrical interference.   Imagine in one moment, worrying about client deadlines, computer repairs, reshuffling your life, and then simply moving a computer and all is good . . . Whew!

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