21 December 2013 - 18:34Marianne Ly creative

I met Marianne years ago when she bartended at one of my open houses.   Miss nude Canada – Justice was doing a pole routine for the guests (clothed lol)  and apparently inspired Marianne into pole work.   She has had an amazing progression from that day forward winning pole events and now doing fitness competitions.   I was lucky enough to catch her at a peak physical time right after a competition when we did this shoot.  A couple years ago I bought this rather expensive spanish web (climbing rope) that you would see in Cirque De Soleil routines.   Most of my clientele being more cute than athletic did not work well, it’s extremely exhausting doing two hours of poses pushing every muscle group… but then I saw Marianne’s updated FB pics and knew she would be perfect.

Let-goMy mother teaches ‘A course in Miracles’ and is always telling me about how our egos are in conflict with inner peace and happiness…  that concept seemed to suit this image,  and I wanted to project something insightful.  I played with a few middle ‘catch phrases’ but ultimately decided to keep it simple  (The ‘kiss’ principal repeatedly taught to us in college… u decide what the last ‘s’ represents)

Thank you Marianne for being my muse and enduring so many demanding poses. 🙂

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20 December 2013 - 18:17For the insanely rich!

Here is a pair of jeans I photographed a couple years back for Dussault Apparel.  Yes they are 1/4 million dollar jeans… kinda explains how the company ended up screwing me out of $25000 worth of stock on this failed business plan.  Dussault joined the club with Christian Audigier, Affliction and Ed Hardy of banned brands in Vancouver nightclubs.  The Vancouver police decided that the only people capable of  affording this line are drug dealers,  and therefore if you sport this brand you must be one.   I love how the cops make their own laws here.


Every shoot was extravagant… I built this set in the studio with props from my neighbour at Mount Pleasant Furniture… A movie prop supply.  With a loose outline, concepts came to life very organically.  This line represented Gene Simmons ‘Moneybags’ line which was represented by Dussault.  I got a kick shooting 70’s era ‘Tarantino’  styled sets.  We did everything from ‘View-master‘ shoots to Muscle car chases down back alleys.


The ‘Hostel’ shoot was one of my favourite concepts.  Although I’m not a fan of horror films…   I definitely love recreating the concepts in studio.    Starting with a general outline,  I found a nice simple chair,  raided my tool room,  pulled out the spray Pam, and started creating.   The lower fill light had a teal green gel which added to the eerie feeling… it works especially well on shiny (oiled) skin.  The girl in the foreground was added after… it’s near impossible depth of field after all.


Check out the full series of this work in my portfolio under ‘Dussault’


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