10 October 2012 - 2:31Email issues with Mountain Lion

Sorry if this blog is a bit off topic and nerdy… I hope this would help someone else as I could not find any useful info online about this.   If you are using Mountain Lion and a custom email client set up as a POP account, then maybe I have some good news.  After the update to 10.8.2 my mail went to hell.   My email ‘kinda’ worked and when i went to connection doctor it looked like a stoplight of red and green dots.   I called my internet hosting company, my internet provider and Apple.

My emails worked fine on the ipad, iphone and my laptop (ver 10.6) so through a process of elimination,  I figured the problem stemmed from the newest ML Upgrage (Both my computers were down).

For some reason,  my computer was not trusting the certificate provided by my internet provider (shaw).   When I talked to their techs, they just said to hit the ‘connect’ button.

I don’t know why only ML did not accept the certificate, but the Apple mail specialist told me to ‘show certificate’ and then to click the box next to ‘always trust … ‘   For some reason all the certificates were expired and not updating.

Here’s an example of the certificate window where i changed the setting.  The ‘verify certificate’ window showed up when i was trying to connect to my mail,  otherwise I’m not sure how to access it.

The apple tech also informed me that POP accounts are only suppose to be accessed by one device at a time…  this was total news to me as I have always had multiple computers pulling emails from the same account for years.   I think the problem was more pronounced with the Iphone and Ipad doing constant reads and a basic incompatibility within ML to handle this.  What you need to do is turn off  ‘push’ notifications and turn on ‘manual email fetching’ on your mobile devices.   Here is an image from my iphone settings under ‘mail, contacts, calendars’:

The 3rd thing to change is your outgoing port from within Mail on your computer .  Under the account setting in mail,  you click on any account and navigate down to ‘outgoing mail server’ and click ‘edit SMTP Server List’

The default ports button should be active,  change it to Custom Port and enter ‘587’.  SSL should also be off,  I’m not sure why but both the provider and many web help pages indicate this.

There is apparently some port issues on 25 with some providers, the general consensus I’ve read online is this fix usually works.

One last note,   before this whole process, I deleted all my mail boxes and prefs hoping that would fix the problem…NOT!   If these previous ‘fixes’ I posted don’t help,  go to the beginning and do this.  A quick way to the mail folder is press ‘option’ while opening ‘GO’ at the top of your desktop.  Navigate to ‘library’ which has now popped up,  then ‘Mail / V2 / Mail data’ and delete the ‘accounts.plist’

Then go back into ‘V2’ and delete or drag your mail boxes (eg:  POP-Bryan@bwp)  somewhere (to save your messages).   You will have to re add all the accounts manually again within the Mail program,  do a screen capture or make a note of the settings before deleting your prefs!

I hope you are not experience half the hell I went through!

– Bryan






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31 July 2011 - 16:40Walk on the wild side

I don’t even begin to know which portfolio to post this shot… maybe it’s time to start a new category.  What was interesting about this particular image was that between the angle of her body and the fact that she was looking head on at the camera,  I was able to mirror the image exactly.

My father once told me that there was a series of images shot of Marilyn Monroe that were then mirrored using the left side and right side of her face.  Apparently one side mirrored appeared much more beautiful over the other… relating to right and left brain influence.  This may be one of my next concept series for fun.

Genetically speaking,  symmetry is the truest definition of beauty… something to think about.

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29 April 2010 - 0:17Wicked Wet

Here is my latest water shoot.  I took about 65 shots in this series with two people throwing water from either side.  It takes some time to get the throws right and timed.   This is one of the images that immediately caught my eye and actually gave me a chill.

You can click on this image to see it bigger.  With the exception of some dodging/burning and   the ‘highlight /shadow’  filter,  this is a raw image with absolutely no digital manipulation.  I’m sure that you as everyone else sees the ominous skull forming in the middle of the image.  This was a random fluke of water hitting in the middle… wow!

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11 March 2010 - 1:36Hacked!

It was not the work with The Bank of Montreal and Elvis Stoyko,  It wasn’t even the Dussault campaign with Gene Simmons. . . I think i can finally say that i’ve made it to the big time now that i have officially been targeted by an extremist muslim group!  If you happened to log in to my blog last week you may have seen the following page:

It’s great to get validation from the far dark corners of the world.  I just never thought I was big enough to be a threat to those poor sequestered souls so far away.    You can see the magnificent work of this group of and their dancing goats and wonderful music on youtube. . . say hi from me!

It’s going to be pretty funny when upon getting to heaven,  the 72 virgins these guys are expecting turn out to be male computer nerds. . . think about it!

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10 September 2009 - 0:14‘Life imitating art’

It’s hard to set this stuff up even when you try!


I was digging through my archives from many years back and came across this image which was in my ‘life is funny’ pile.  I was shooting this model in a phone booth (notice there are no more phone booths round Vancouver) on the corner of 7th and main when this lady started observing from the sidelines.   Normally i like to juxtaposition a beautiful model in a grungy alley or create some form of contrast and compare in my images. . . I think this one does it.   Do you think she was posing for me? . . . maybe it was  product placement  by Coca Cola!

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6 June 2009 - 19:32Skype’n my Iphone

I’m pretty excited. . I managed to get about 10 000 minutes on my iphone!!!!   How you ask?

Well Start by going to the app store through itunes and load Skype.  If you are in Canada however it is a little more work as Skype is currently not offered. . . But heres a workaround.

If you are signed in to itunes, sign out.   You will need to create a new profile.  .  . first scroll to the bottom of the page and choose ‘United States’ under ‘my store’.

Now go find a free application to download ( how about skype!). . . with a free app,  you do not need your credit card to verify your address.   Set up an account with a ‘U.S.’ address.    Now simply update your phone and you have Skype running on it.

Set up Skype. . . I went with a package that is $3 a month for unlimited talk anywhere in North America ($12 for the world) .  This also includes setting up call display that will show my Cel number whenever i call. Now you can make unlimited calls anywhere you get a wifi signal on your phone. . that was pretty simple!

It gets better though. . .

Download Quickpwn. . at this time the current version is 2.2.5 Here (mac version). Run the program and attach your phone to the computer.  This is going to update your software and allow you to load programs that are not controlled exclusively by apple.  If you have a broken (unlocked) your phone,  this is going to update your baseband to 2.30.03 which has not yet been broken. . so keep that in mind.  It’s not really an issue if you are using a Rogers phone with Rogers,  Fido with Fido, etc.  I also just ordered a hardware solution to unlocking. . .  A small card that piggy backs your sim card.   Again, there is currently no SOFTWARE solution to breaking the new baseband… if you see it out there, its a scam!!!

The rest of the downloads can be done ON YOUR PHONE through the new App ‘Cyndia’ that was just loaded by ‘Quickpwn’

Download ‘Backgrounder’

It will now show up as an icon – Run the program. . . click  ‘Application specific’  then ‘Always Enabled’ and turn Skype on permanently. . .this allows you to accept incoming calls at all times.

Download Boss Prefs from Cydia

You now have control to turn off the edge, 3G or the wifi network among other things.  This is great to test your connections like turning off wifi and running skype and seeing how it works with the 3g network.  You can also do stuff like turning the battery into a % charge remaining.


Download ‘voipover3g_1.0.1.deb’

This is the best part. . . this program fools Skype into thinking it is on the wifi network when it is actually using your data plan – 3G network.  It runs invisibly . .so you wont see a button with this one.

It seems like alot, but all runs really seamlessly.   The benefit is that you can talk on Skype from the network when you are away from wifi.  On a 1 minute phone call i used about 450 kb of data.  With the 6gb data plan that Rogers is currently offering,  you get conservatively 10,000 minutes.   You can not currenlty get a CDN phone Number through Skype but a U.S. phone number is only a few $.  One advantage  is that if you get a California #,  someone in L.A. could call you free locally and it would ring wherever you are.   I have unlimited incoming minutes, so when i call from Skype (FREE!!!), my current cel number shows up and if they call me back, its Free!!!! (unlimited incoming).

One Additonal note:

Cyndi has a great app called ‘Cycorder’.  Its Free and a much better version of the mac recorder. – It turnes your iphone into a video camera!


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8 March 2009 - 18:53Lematos – when genetecists do drugs

Ok, so this is the farthest thing from photography,  but it is just so unusual that i had to share.

“Okay, so a lemon and a tomato aren’t the most natural of pairs, but that didn’t stop Israeli researchers from bringing us the Lemato! Unlike other genetically altered fruits and veggies (which were created primarily for health reasons), it appears that the lemato was solely an experiment to determine if it was possible to make tomatos give off the scent of lemons. Mission accomplished!”

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18 September 2008 - 16:48Identity

Have you ever gone looking for yourself on the internet and found that ‘you’ are not ‘you’?  Well being that my name is popular and there are other ‘Bryan’ and ‘Brian’s’ about,  I thought that i would distinguish myself with my middle initial ‘K’.   I was a little suprised to find another ‘Bryan K Ward’ out there who also happens to be in a very similar field . . . Advertising.   The universe never ceases to suprise me!  I decided to contact the other Bryan. . . something just compelled me.  Apparently he was once through Vancouver himself, has been aware of me for the last few years, and almost called me.    The other Bryan added me to his blog today . . .check it out:

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