9 October 2010 - 20:06Precious- Behind the scenes

In my earlier ‘Precious’ post was the complete Music video filmed at at the studio.  I filmed some behind the scenes on my own camera and finally found some time to piece them together.  The quality does not come close to the Red Cam original, but you still get a good idea of what went on off camera.  One additional note,  The audio represents the studio before all the sound baffles were installed.

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7 October 2010 - 21:39Yamaha Commercial

Life is never boring.   On this day we had a ventriloquist, ‘Dumb’ Blonde, bodybuilder and wrestler vying for a spot as the new Yamaha Representative bringing their owns sets of special skills.  I’m saying this ‘tongue in cheek’ as this was the the theme of the latest Yamaha Commercial.

This was the first rental since all of the sound upgrades and we received two enthusiastic ‘thumbs up’ on the sound quality from their audio engineer.

Originally a half dozen Yamaha bikes were coming on set.  Considering they had a 35+ crew and 2 grip trucks, it probably worked out better scrapping that idea.

Thanks to my gracious neighbors for giving up their parking lots for a makeshift outdoor restaurant.  I’m surprised how much better dinner is from these catered food trucks most restaurants.  P.s.  Thats my dog Nena.

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30 April 2009 - 1:11High Speed Hottie

Alyssa is going to be this years hottest Rookie up and coming cart racer!  She Just flew up from Edmonton for a race in Coquiltham and stopped in to shoot with her new high speed racer.  Apparently it can hit up to 160 kph. . . not bad for a go cart!  I also found out that she made the podium. . . Congrats!

I thought I would go for a modern take on ‘pinup’.  I used a hard overhead light set slightly to the left with a gridded softbox (30 degrees) at camera position on the floor (1 fstop under).  The rest of the effect was done in photoshop using the effects i detailed in the ‘kelsey & Lola’ photoshoot.

Yes you’re a ham!

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9 April 2009 - 0:46Dussault ‘Next’ clothing line 2009

Well it was nice to see Jason Dussault again after a long absense.  I would have seen him sooner but  unfortunately could not make the Vegas party with Chris Angel and Gene Simmons because of an overlapping holiday to mexico.  (yes,  that really sucked!)

It is always fun however doing a shoot with Jason and Mashia.  We were off to a modest start with some low key studio images and lots of post production styling.  These images were shot, retouched and laid out all in the last few hours. . . hows that for turnaround?

The distressed look came from a crumpled piece of paper with a darkened and worn edges. . kinda like something you might find in your jean pockets after a mud fight.  The image was inverted and the highlights (apple/click on the rgb layer) were selected and set to ‘liner light’ on a separate layer over Jason.  I used Alien Skins ‘brushed metal’ filter for the ‘Next’ logo, and deleted portions of with a custom brush i made on a masking layer.  Additional distressing was brushed on the metal with various shades of grey.  The write up came from the mind of Jason. . .

This Concept of Mashia I pretty much had to come up with on the spot.  They brought in a big white comforter and wanted to go for a bedroom ‘snuggly’ look with teddy bear and all.  I would have gone that direction if the hoodie was white or cream, but the contrast of black on white did not speak ‘soft’ in my mind.  I’m glad they trusted me to take it another direction. . . I also think it’s a better match next to the ad of Jason.

If you’d like to learn any more about this clothing line and see more of my work,  check out and their blog at

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23 October 2008 - 13:34Molly the Pony

Ok,  so here is my first unrelated BWP blog, but it is a great story worth sharing:

“Molly is a survivor. This little pony is a Katrina survivor who was rescued from the floods by a kind caring pony lover in New Orleans. Kaye Harris runs a pony rescue in New Orleans and when Katrina hit, she took in as many refugees as she could including some dogs. As her rescued animals were trying to adjust to their new and confusing surroundings the stress was too much for at least one and the result was horrifying. An abandoned pit bull took it’s rage out on poor little Molly, barely any bigger than the dog herself.”

“The dog destroyed Molly’s right front leg so bad that all the tendons and arteries to the hoof were severed. The rest of her lower leg, the canon bone, was also destroyed. Molly did her best to heal. She never even got infected, but the injuries were too extensive to heal completely. A few weeks after the attack, Molly’s hoof died and fell off of her leg. By this time, there were already plans to have it amputated anyway.”

“Two Doctors from LSU were determined to save Molly’s life.  In addition to the amputation of a major portion of Molly’s canon bone, the surgeons also skin grafted over her remaining canon bone where previously the skin had not returned from the injury. It’s all very complicated, but Molly seems to be holding her own. Her cast includes a post that reaches to the ground so if she wants to she can put some weight on her short leg in order to balance or travel. She is using her temporary leg a little bit.”

Kaye is caring for Molly daily and watching over her recovery. Fortunately she was the right horse with the right owner.  Molly happened to be a one in a million patient.   Molly has a job now. . Kay the rescue farm owner started taking molly to shelters, hospitals, nursing homes, and rehabilitation centers.  The little pony that could has become inspiration to so many people.  She survived a hurrican, she survived a horrible injury, and now she’s giving hope to others!

If you want to know any more or contribute,  google ‘molly the 3 legged pony’.

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16 October 2008 - 14:50‘Be Sexy, Be Seen!’

I has been years since have changed my business cards,  When you have something that works, it is hard to break from tradition.  With the launch of my new BWP site which is a clean slick minimalist gallery style,  i figured it was time to have a card reflecting the same look.

You can never really get it all in on one card, but i think i did pretty well.  There are a variety of ethnicities, a classic Harley and a token familiar brand name . . .

For the last  17 years my trade phrase has been ‘uniquely elegant to outrageously wild’ which i felt really defined what i do. . .  it was however a little wordy and quickly forgotten as everyone these days seems to have A.D.D!  With some professional marketing advice and a little resistance from me,  i changed my theme phrase.  In a moment of inspiration ‘Be sexy, Be seen’ rolled off my tongue which i think is catchy and etches ‘B’ in to your mind with the logo and my name. . . . Branding, Branding, Branding!

Because there are so many small images, I want a really sharp card.  I consistently print with Generation printing.  They print Stochastically at 10 micron which with the naked eye is indistinguishable from continuous tone.  For reference,  most other prints shops print 20 micron and up.  You can order online at

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8 September 2008 - 14:36Computer Hell

I just thought i would share a very frustrating moment from this weekend.  I recently rebuilt my whole computer system and was reloading software.  One particular program i had purchased did not provide serial numbers on their site (which i had lost).  Being a rather impatient fellow at times,  i decided to use a crack til they sent me my serial.  I pulled this number from my laptop and entered it into my main computer,  On hitting ‘enter’ my computer went into speed freak meltdown. . . windows were opening and closing, screensavers were changing, and i could not even control the mouse.  I was sure they wrote in a virus that was unleased by this crack.  Well a couple hours later,  rebooting, restarting, system disks, etc,  I picked up my laptop and all of a sudden it all stopped.   I guess when i placed my laptop on top of the wacom tablet it created some from of electrical interference.   Imagine in one moment, worrying about client deadlines, computer repairs, reshuffling your life, and then simply moving a computer and all is good . . . Whew!

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8 August 2008 - 20:19Porsche ad filmed at BWP

Porsche has recently taken over Vancouver on on the same level as a small movie production. Helicopters have been filming Cars racing over Granville street bridge, Neighborhoods are closed off for street scenes, and the studio was packed with grips, directors and assistants for an all night shoot. Apparently this will be an 18 minute commercial, but i’m not sure where it will air. Production started at 7pm and went to 10 am the next day . . . talk bout a long night! You can see it all in this high speed video:

Heres a quick walkthrough starting at the end of the street. At around 1am I ate dinner with the crew on the street in front of a neighbors building. . . that felt a little surreal eating candle lit steak in a makeshift outdoor diner on 5th ave. For such a big production, thankfully they were well organized and had some really great people. You get a sense of how hard they were ‘working’ in this video:

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